L I M E - A - R I T A

I’m always an advocate for green (duh) but since lime green has taken the world by storm the past few seasons I want to address it and get you in on the hype.

I love lime green with neutrals, denim, and best of all - on it’s own. The color has a larger than life electric effect that stops people in their tracks. It’s been a little secret for a while in the fashion industry, an insider favorite, usually seen woven in as an accent color here and there. Now the cat’s all the way out of the bag.

My favorite way to pull it off is with a major sun-kissed tan going on. It’s killer.

I’m especially a fan of how the color alone makes the statement. A lime green shift dress says on its own what a daredevil you are, a wild one, or toned down with neutrals - avant garde.

The selection is too good this season so get ready for some serious green envy:

so luxe, a sophisticated look for a cocktail party paired with vintage heels

Bow Satin Skirt / Mango / $59

this was my favorite look at the Revolve staycation in LA, absolutely worth the splurge

Blaine Sweater Dress / Revolve / $178

this is me incarnated as a sweater so i bought it immedtiately.

Chunky-knit sweater / Mango / $79

such a badass shade and silhouette… and selling out !!

Palazzo Pants/ Zara / $49

my favorite wedding dress pick for the season because green. velvet.

Gaia Dress in Pear / Reformation / $278

all about the one shoulder tops this season & this is sold out in regular sizes!

Petite Lime Asymmetric Crop Top / Pretty Little Thing / $15

really love blazer dresses and though the fit is ? it’s so worth a try

Lime Tortoise Button Blazer Dress / Pretty Little Thing / $42

the perfect light green & nude combo

Puma Thunder Desert Green Trainers / ASOS / $110

this just dropped and I am LIVING for this top !!

Fanny Lyckman Neon Green Mesh Crop Top / Missguided/ $22

combined with these pants going out seriously STOP

Lime Toggle Shell Suit Pants / Missguided/ $37

hair clips are about to rock your world through next year

For The Women Hair Clip in Green / Verge Girl / $10

I just f***ing fainted. brand new Ref for wedding szn.

Melany Dress in Emerald / Reformation / $278

not my vibe but a great halloween / vegas / music festival look with boots

Lime Slinky Unitard / ASOS / $25

lime toggle shell suit pants


summa summa happened so fast ... it's July already and I'm making the most of it.

if you haven't made a few fashion statements this summer you need to get all over this zara sale. it's BIG. i'd been eyeing a bubblegum pink blazer for a couple of months and finally pulled the trigger on it so I'm over the moon about it.

i always wait for the sale around early July and stock up. it's perfect because you get to try all the fun summer items and grab a few fall staples. i feel like it just started a week and a half ago but it's almost all picked over online. 

so you need to get on that shit. like add to cart and buy immediately.

seriously, one item almost sold out from my cart as i wrote this.

my top picks below -- 

i have these pants in tan and they are the comfiest, chicest pant i own. naturally i neeed

Colored Cropped Pants in Mauve / Zara / $16 (u serious??)

i bought them in black because i saw a similar pair a year ago for $300 V CHIC

Strappy Sandals with Metallic Details in White / Zara / $26

buying this because it's the perfect nod to Gwen Stefani

Check Skirt with Chain / Zara / $19

amazing going out layering piece with 5-10 chain necklaces

Semi-Sheer Bodysuit / Zara / $12

WHAT. IS. THIS. only medium left so i have to tryyy it

Tweed Overalls / Zara / $19

might need for my sexy Rajneeshee Halloween costume

Textured Weave T-Shirt / Zara / $12

love love this wash and the pearls down the side - - one size left!

Z1975 Jeans With Pearl-Bead Trimmed Sides / Zara / $22

if i was on my corporate grind i would be all over this. v transitional for summer-fall

Check Pencil Skirt / Zara / $29

obsessed with a pop of yellow this summer and this pulls together a lewk

Straight Cut Frock Coat  / Zara / $29

for the middle ground between serious biz and punk rock

Check Mini Skirt / Zara / $19

the perfect once a year magical party shoe

Shimmery High Heel Ankle Boots / Zara / $49

been searching for the perfect light wash flare and praying this works out

Super Flare Bleached Jeans / Zara / $45

not 100% sure if this is my vibe but it's here if you need to be a boss bish

Check Blazer / Zara / $30

buying NOWWW these sold out a month ago and just restocked. clear AND classy

Vinyl Strapped Sandals / Zara / $59 (apparently not on sale?)

idk why i have a serious love for bucket hats

Rustic Crochet Hat / Zara / $12

Spring Earring Upgrades

This spring is bringing a wave of artistically inspired earrings to the forefront of fashion and I’m here for it. The girly vintage styles have given me a new found appreciation for what my mom and grandma wore.

Pairing them with a pastel sweater or a playful dress makes it feel very modern yet still Bardot. Or Sedgwick on a manic day.


 Vintage Door Knocker earrings paired with my dear Pixie Market fuzzy sweater

It’s funny because I’ve never been a big earring person. I always stick with studs or hoops because some styles make me not recognize myself or look too old. Not anymore — I’m completely fine looking like a Grandma as long as I’m cute doing it.

This season I’m getting a rush from digging through vintage stores for the perfect pair of earrings, a section I rarely gave a second look. I love the big pearl clip ons and art deco enamel drops. I recommend hitting up at least 3 vintage stores to figure out what you jive with.

As far as new styles go, I love the bold mod styles with big circles and loud colors. I find some of the abstract styles a la faces and erratic shapes a bit trying to hard, so I stick with pieces that still have that playful vintage air.

Onto the picks 💗

art deco in all its glory

Vintage 1960s Art Deco Trifari Earrings / Etsy / $24


tortoise shell with a sexy attitude

Thick Hoop Earrings / Kenneth Jay Lane / $40

Montezuma magic hoops

Sun Fan Earrings / & Other Stories / $19

the perfect statement piece !!

Faux Pearl Gold Tone Mesh Starburst Earrings / Etsy / $32

an iconic mix of pink and green

Two-Tone Hoop Style Earrings / Zara / $20

a modern ear cuff set for an everyday look

Marquise Ear Cuff Set / Luv AJ / $35

f'kn groovy

Vintage Brown Tones Enamel Earrings / Etsy / $10


another sold out best seller from Mooney

Chinese Good Luck Tassel Earrings / Vanessa Mooney / $40

a playful marbled shade

ZHUU Marble Circle Stud Earrings / Urban Outfitters / $33

the jackpot piece

Vintage Richelieu 1960's Faux Pearl Gold Earrings / Etsy / $28


for more rough around the edges looks

Silver Daydreamer Hoops / Minc Collections / $27

very Edie Sedgwick and my new obsession

Elise Earrings / Rachel Comey / $215

a mod tortoise shell look

Tortoise Shell Teardrop Earrings / Vanessa Mooney / $40

the iconic IG look ( & George Michael)

Isidore Cross Gold Hoops / Luv AJ / $45

for the inspo of finding a similar vintage pair

Rose & Heart Clip On Earrings / Dolce & Gabbana / $595

style crop: killer spring jeans

I'd wear dresses and skirts all day everyday if I could but I've finally come around to denim. 

Denim styles right now are killller. The kick flares have changed me. 

Flares have always been my favorite and the updated styles and colors are doing it for me.  And my tomboy soul is loving the wider leg skater fits.

I'm beyond obsessed with the styles coming out for spring and can’t wait to switch up my looks.

My top picks:


selling out fasttt. if they do I'm buying a similar vintage pair

BDG Kick Flare High-Rise Cropped Jean / Urban Outfitters / $69

love this wash and the fit doesn't look frumpy for a mom jean

FARLEIGH High Waist Slim Mom Jeans / ASOS / $32

true menocore chic

ASOS Tapered Jeans with Curved Seams/ ASOS / $60

I am beyond obsessed with these but they fit weird on me - order 1-2 sizes up!!

BDG Cropped Denim Culotte / Urban Outfitters / $69

a low key look

Weekday Skater Loose Jean  / ASOS / $64


this look got me going

Weekday Skater Loose Jean / ASOS / $56


not jeans but I need me some nutmeg pants

Jessie Pants / Reformation / $148

xx Anne

hard earned thrift shopping tips

Thrift shopping has been a constant in my life lately and though I've grown up making trips to the thrift store I've learned LOADS in the past year how to get the treasures.

 impromptu thrifting trip with my family In Royal Oak. My dad in the bottom right suffering in silence

impromptu thrifting trip with my family In Royal Oak. My dad in the bottom right suffering in silence

The hardest part is pushing through mountains of junk to get to the gems. It's a ton of chaos but don't think about that. I've gotten some existential angst about how much clothing and waste there is in the world, heavy issues. Keep it light though and think of how there are items waiting for you to discover. Also bonus points - you're recycling.

 what you aspire to find

what you aspire to find

I always find the less I am looking and more just taking a peek is when the major finds come through. I've found my coolest jackets thrift store shopping. One all-star find was a $8 faux Zara fur jacket I always get compliments on from a day I went looking for second-hand home goods.

Another was a red jacket I picked up in a pile of clothes at a Bali market for $7. I'll dig to the bottom to get that shit, usually riding a bender from an XL iced coffee.

 Jetrag in LA - this one's a little grundgy but everything's $1 and it's a fun scene

Jetrag in LA - this one's a little grundgy but everything's $1 and it's a fun scene

I also have an addiction selling items on Poshmark that I find on my hauls and have learned how to reduce buying items that sit in my closet for months. It's a process, sometimes you get hyped up on items you think are cool only to find others don't care orr understand.

To get you started and save you the headache, here's my first 5 tips for getting the good stuff:

1. Don't discriminate - try every style of sale

I'll search far and wide for a good deal, I'll do it for 10 minutes after a workout or I'll carve out 2 hours to do a full hunt. Questionable looking garage sales, Goodwill (almost once a week), $1 pile of junk sales, and flea markets.


I find when you see a sale at the side of the road that looks intriguing and you think ahh I don't have time... why not stop in for 5 minutes? You can take a quick lap and more often than not, I find something and I'm high on it the rest of the day. Boom: natural endorphins.

Even messy looking garage sales are great because they're put together by people who want to get rid of stuff now. I've gotten dollar items and there's usually not too much to sift through making them great morning activities.

2. Have no expectations, keep an open mind.

Don't hunt, don't feel like you NEED anything. Mindset is key. Having fun and taking your time letting the gem come to you is my motto. Get playful and you'll discover you may one day be into the same style of tie dye you were into in grade school. 

 Vintage Shopping in Chicago in 2013 during the Mackelmore era

Vintage Shopping in Chicago in 2013 during the Mackelmore era

Or if you're looking for an outfit to wear for a party, why not stop into a few sales before for items no one else will have? You can jump out of your comfort zone with a few experimental $5 pieces.

3. Focus on a specific color scheme

If you focus only on a couple colors at once it helps you become less overwhelmed and it's easy to cruise through different sections quickly. I skip reds, blues, and often black in order to focus on greens and whites. But it depends on the day and mood. Go with what your intuition tells you! 


Not looking at certain colors or groups of items saves you mental energy and at least 50% of your time. I used to feel info overload after an hour in a thrift store but now I cruise out of them in about 30min.

4. Dig! 

You find the good stuff if you're willing to work for it. It sounds simple but so many gems get lost in the dressing rooms or racks abandoned across the store.


It's also about stamina, truly. I live and die by an iced venti coffee and rock n roll music. I'm in my own world when I'm thrifting and I jam out.

You can lose momentum quick if you look at too much. Best to focus on a couple of areas and give them your full attention like t-shirts and jeans one day, dresses and jackets another. But still if you want to go crazy and bounce around like me follow your instinct. Play into what gives you energy.

5. Only pick items you love

Sometimes you find a bunch of cool pieces and you're high on the rush from the process you buy 10 items and later find a few of them fit weird or don't go with anything you own.

 an clear almost - would have been a funny sweater for Halloween time. Did not purchase.

an clear almost - would have been a funny sweater for Halloween time. Did not purchase.

Always let go of a few almosts at the end of your haul - at least 3, and often half if you really want to feel great. I find this especially helpful if you resell items online because I've found it's hard to sell my least favorite pieces. Focus on getting a few HELL YEAH pieces and let the other ones be.

enjoy and let me know what you think xx

naturale instincts

give me anything natural toned

beige, honey, tan

taupe, caramel, cocoa

wood, rattan, leather, straw

I come ALIVE when I see a natural toned piece

I've sworn off navy and I've never liked black that much anyway so natural colors are the base of my wardrobe. I've been selling anything that doesn't jazz with that in my Poshmark.

I highly recommend trading out navy or black pieces for warm tones. it's heaven. 

anyway, some of my favorite pieces:

what I'm wearing <3 the color, pattern, and killer FIT of this dress

UO Lola Button-Down Mini Dress / Urban Outfitters / $59

been really into pants lately and these are ass-kickers

Cobain Pants / I.AM.GIA / $89

caramel babe jacket

UO Oversized Cropped Denim Trucker Jacket / Urban Outfitters / $79

are you even living if you don't have an oversized fur coat?

UO Charlie Long Faux Fur Coat  / Urban Outfitters / $129

also a great option, more office appropriate

Soft-feel double-breasted coat/ Zara / $89

instantly buying, this is a treasure

Plisse Pleated Shopper Tote Bag  / Urban Outfitters / $10

we've reached a new level of fur accessories !!

Timber Faux Sherpa Ankle Boot  / Urban Outfitters / $60

I love this dress I have it in red and wear it all the time

Beige Girl Gang Mini Dress / Princess Polly / $24

I love this low key feisty look

Beige Wonderwoman Sunglasses  / Princess Polly / $48

HOT DAMN. and on super sale !!

Anastasia Lace Up Top / Princess Polly / $16

my Frye babies in the photo, selling on Poshmark but reallyyy don't want to

Frye Tan Cowboy Western Booties / Shades of Jade Poshmark / $100

gorgeous like the Cult Gaia bag but more affordable

Mini Mother-of-Pearl-Effect Tote Bag / Zara / $59

perfect backpack size that looks like it fits a laptop

Contemporary Vegan Leather Backpack / Poshmark / $60

a neutral tomboy pant

Genevieve Pants / Princess Polly / $40

I've been wanting to pull off the corset belt and this one looks perfectly Marie Antoinette

Leather Corset Belt  / Urban Outfitters / $20

the perfect neutral "had them forever" combat boot

Therapy Burnished Tan Axel Boots  / Princess Polly / $36

the search for design nirvana

2018 - I love how the New Year is a catalyst for change. 

It's beyond resolutions, it's digging deeper into what you've wanted to bring into ie manifest in your life.

For me, it's making more of the dreams a reality. My mind has a million crazy ideas running through it, screenshots in my phone, items pinned on Pinterest boards over the past 5 years. 

They've been guideposts for me of what I'm feeling and where I want to go.

But bringing those ideas to light is much harder than a quick shopping trip. 

I love the idea of uncovering new dimensions of your self, parts of you that are ready to see the light.

Things you gravitated to that you want to double down on. 

It takes courage to make certain bets in your life, it costs money, it costs the time of tirelessly searching for the right earring or vase for your home.

There's a hunt to find nirvana and a lot of saying no to items that don't fit the vision.

But daring yourself to and holding for the “i can’t live without it” feeling is magic.

This feels heavy for a lead into my home shopping picks, but this crop is not about consumerism, but creating your own reality.

To create the life you want you have to shed what's not you and fill your world with what is.

I recently moved and have turned a corner into making sure everything chosen in my space is loved and in it's right place. It has been the most beautiful feeling that has made me feel more at home than I ever have.

It's a Marie Kondo type of feeling, and I wouldn't call it minimalism. I want my space to be FULL, intentional, a crazy fantasy.

So I'm sharing what I came across in my journey and hope you find something too:

I've been looking for an oversized wood mirror and this is screaming at me

Ashton Mango Wood Mirror / Urban Outfitters / $199

available in pink and green - thinking of using as an office desk chair

Rosa Velvet Dining Chair / Urban Outfitters / $99


circles are my obsession so that paired with seagrass is bohemian heaven. good reviews as well, fits 3 blankets

Alina Storage Ottoman / Urban Outfitters / $129

the circle mirror is the perfect statement piece and people are raving over this one

Umbra Oversized Hub Mirror / Urban Outfitters / $140

hung up on the idea of having a comfy floor cushion for having people over, and this would fit perfectly under a window when paired with the daybed

Rohini Velvet Daybed Cushion / Urban Outfitters / $149

same concept but THIS PATTERN

Dottie Daisy Daybed Cushion / Urban Outfitters / $159

I feel calmer just looking at this gem - perfect for bathroom storage or as an airy bookshelf

Bamboo Tiered Shelf / Urban Outfitters / $89

I'm fired up by this style of mirror and need it. immediately.

Amabella Arch Mirror / Urban Outfitters / $119

this chair is a work of art

Haylee Mono Rattan Chair / Urban Outfitters / $119

rich looking design that goes with almost every aesthetic

Nora Cantilever Chair / Urban Outfitters / $169

a good neutral paired with earthy fringe look

Modern Berber Rug / Urban Outfitters / $39+

can I picture myself dancing on this? hell yes.

Flo Marks Printed Rug / Urban Outfitters / $39+

rust is having a moment so go with it in this southwestern pattern

Lazro Printed Rug / Urban Outfitters / $19+

soft & romantic, I love this room divider idea

Knotted Window Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $44

I LIVE for this photo, Chinese lanterns are a must in my household

Emma Blackout Fringe Window Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $59

the dreamiest, I would pull the trigger but my bedroom window doesn't flow with this

Joni Net Window Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $59

I have a small hallway into my bedroom so this is going there for drama

Bamboo Beaded Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $39

comes in 7 colors and they are all glorious, rich colors

Crushed Velvet Window Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $49

angelic and parisian feeling

Draped Shade Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $29

rainbow are like, so in right now.

Rainbow Mirror / Urban Outfitters / $49

I love my duvet cover but if you're looking for a colorful one this is so unique

Nylon Satin Quilt / Urban Outfitters / $139

the splurge

Jewels of the Moment

Right now I have so much love for my go-to jewelry pieces and they're all made by



I'm very PRO supporting small artisans or local designers because they have better quality and more unique pieces. I also love supporting one passionate person vs. a corporation of ??? people who generally rip off designers' ideas. I try to buy directly from their website or Etsy to give them love.

so support THE REAL DEAL not the RIPOFF xxx

Right now I'm digging:


my fave teardrop shaped necklace from one of my favorite Youtubers The Current Custom - I've been following her since HS it's been so long. Love her gems!

Beer Quartz on Gold Link Chain Necklace / The Current Custom / $148

I wear my Figaro chain layering necklace from my favorite local Manhattan / Hermosa beach designer Deb Brewer! I never take it off, but since I'm not seeing it on her website the top chain is a similar one I also own <3 

Kim K Chain / DebBrewerJewelry / $48

My Hollow Hoops from Argento Vivo! I bought on Black Friday directly on the website to support them, but you can also find them in Nordstrom if you want to try on the pieces in person / get rewards. 

Hollow Hoops / Argento Vivo / $45 ($30 with 30% off code HOLIDAY2017)

I got mine from Bali and found a similar one on Etsy & this anklet is pretty much glued to me since I work by the beach. Also perfect for vacations / free spirits this is just the viiibe 

Shell Anklet / Etsy via Hemp Beadery / $12

had these for forever and they're pretty timeless plus are perfect for the holiday party circuit. I love them in tan, gold, and green and they make a great present! 

Astrid Knotted Tassel Earring in Gold / Vanessa Mooney / $45

Style Crop: Black Friday Picks

I tried going into a couple stores this year and realized it's over for me going in person. I'm all about those online deals, especially at premium smaller labels where they rarely discount. Why bother with cheapie items when you can get serious investments hugely discounted?  I'm firing off on getting only items I truly need or I'm dreaming over.


Reformation for dresses and luxe tops // 30% off

Missguided for party & holiday outfits // 50% off

Argento Vivo for cool hoops and unique chokers // 30% off

Frasier Sterling for layering chokers and the iconic party top // 50% off

Princess Polly for sassy wear // $20 off etc

Nordstrom for new Nike or Adidas sneakers // 20% off select items

Aerie for $10 leggings [[randommm]] // 40% off

I started out losing my mind at Reformation's sale, then found my perfect hoop earrings, and went all out for finding the right khaki sneaker so I'll share what's been catching my eye:. 

Saw it, lost my mind. then saw it was selling out and WENT FOR IT

Charlee Pant / Reformation / $125

this ruching very euro, love this but not buying because I rarely wear jeans 

Laurent Top / Reformation / $90


Dottie Top / Reformation / $69

now I'll get the Fez because I gotta see this color and velvet on <3

Fez Top / Reformation / $90

had to have them for looks

Hollow Hoop / Argento Vivo / $30 (was $45)

PERFECT FOR LAYERING not getting because I don't neeeed but been eyeing this

Gothic Choker / Argento Vivo / $34 (was $48)

I'm curious about this dress because I love the brown & casual-ness of it all

Stowe Dress / Reformation / $69

but more curious about this because it's green and that turtleneck could be a look

Roberts Dress / Reformation / $55

[[ hello it's me ]] from the 70's

Wilder Dress / Reformation / $153

always love a good combat vibe

Lennon Skirt / Reformation / $90


clearly can't get enough of this color. would be GORG with flares

Somedays Loving Crystal Skies Bodysuit / Princess Polly / $61

bang bang

I.AM.GIA IZAR TANK TOP / Princess Polly / $34

the hot hot tie in the front top mixed with florals

Motel Floral Rose Vaco Blouse / Princess Polly / $34


gorgeous top for pairing with necklace combos



the perfect layering choker I need for my collection 

Valley Choker / Frasier Sterling / $16 (was $31)

have been dying to try this style of top and love orange


here's my one cheapie item because I'd rather buy dresses than $80 leggings

Chill legging / Aerie / $10 (bought 5)


love the tan with the white and gold, a stunner

B.O.G. Limitless High Top Training Shoe / Nordstrom / $72 (was $120)

fabulous green

EQT Racing ADV Sneaker  / Nordstrom / $77 (was $109)

another tan sneaker candidate

Flashback Winter Speaker / Nordstrom / $99