Break Free Playlist

If you're ready to wake up, I've got a playlist for you.

These are my essential songs for driving past all the BS of life.

For strutting on a walk to work or to get coffee.

For getting in the zone at the gym - cue Sabotage.

For driving around the highways in LA and daring someone to enter my lane.

For riding the wave after a pisses me off and I need to refuel.

I had to start it off with one of my Top 5 Songs of all time Fly Away which won Lenny the Grammy for Best Rock Performance in 1999, one of my favorite years ( because music died in 1999). The song is exactly how I felt for 2 years and has always spoken to me since I was 8 so it had to kick off the album. 

The other songs center around freedom and breaking through a la The Doors' Break on Through  - another one of my favorite songs that I love singing in my car.

The Animals' Inside Out - Looking Out who have an attitude I love and the line "they dragged me back to work again" always gets me.

Iggy Pop's Lust for Life which I went off on IG stories is 1000000x better than Lana's wimpy Lust for Life air ball.

Voodoo Child is one of my favorite Hendrix songs and Can't You Hear Me Knocking one of my favorite from the Stones.

One of my favorite bands' The Dandy Warhol's Smoke It is snarkily written mocking the BS of life with "people have more baggage than JFK" and "let's have a big round of applause for anyone who can deal with it." I get you.

Beastie Boy's Sabotage makes me want to pound in a door or jump over a fence or some shit, it's such an underrated song.

Then girl power at the end with Tei Shi's Bassically which builds up slowly at the end into female hysteria and No Doubt's It's My Life which a feisty precursor to yolo. 

And Seven Nation Army at the End because it felt fitting.