Can't live without // September wardrobe favorites

I thought it'd be fun to share my top wardrobe items I reach for daily to give you a little inspo for creating your own uniform. I've found it both freeing and time saving to stick to a few core items when picking my daily outfits. 

Here's what I'm nonstop wearing now: 

#1: My [BALI] Birkenstocks

Bought a pair of [fake] Birkenstocks in Bali since my shoes we're killing me and they are now my #1 outfit staple. They go with everything (the Arizona color esp) and give the perfect natural lady of the earth vibe. I will 100% be upgrading to the real ones after my Bali ones give out 

Arizona Sandal in Mocha/ Birkenstock / $95

#2: Frayed Jean Skirt

This gets me by in 50% of my outfits also considering I live in California, but would be great layering with knee high boots or tights come fall. Worn exactly like this is Tre chic and the fray is that extra touch you need right now and forever

BDG Notched Denim Mini Skirt / Urban Outfitters / $59

#3 and #4: My Burned Velvet *JADE* Kimono and Leather Stomping Boots




Bought vintage at the rose bowl flea market for $60 (with matching-ish skirt)in LA on a whim and this piece has been getting MILEAGE. Burned velvet is HOT HOT HOT but get it vintage first or a paired down design - too many tassels and colors is annoying !

Vintage / $60 / Similar here and here 


This is my supreme ass kicking boot to walk the streets of LA or NYC -- the color and height of the heel make it my #1 👊 

ALDO Fearian Leather Heeled Ankle Boots / ASOS /  $100 - sold out but similar here and here

#5: Adidas Striped Leggings

I own 3 pairs of these leggings for working out and would gladly buy 10+. I love that they are thick but not restrictive and SUPER comfy. They hold up well vs other $25-$30 pairs and I prefer these by a mile to Lulus. Also you have instant street style and the stripes glow in the dark 👌

Adidas Originals 3 Stripe Legging / Urban Outfitters / $35

#6: Adidas Green Velvet Slides

ALMOST SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE - Found these in the men's section at Bloomies and impulse bought a pair for my brother and I - there's not an outfit these don't go with and they have instant swag, I'm still majorly into SLIDES !

Adidas Originals Velvet Slides / Shopbop / $65

let me know below if you're looking for any fall style items I'll hunt em down for ya xx