the search for design nirvana

2018 - I love how the New Year is a catalyst for change. 

It's beyond resolutions, it's digging deeper into what you've wanted to bring into ie manifest in your life.

For me, it's making more of the dreams a reality. My mind has a million crazy ideas running through it, screenshots in my phone, items pinned on Pinterest boards over the past 5 years. 

They've been guideposts for me of what I'm feeling and where I want to go.

But bringing those ideas to light is much harder than a quick shopping trip. 

I love the idea of uncovering new dimensions of your self, parts of you that are ready to see the light.

Things you gravitated to that you want to double down on. 

It takes courage to make certain bets in your life, it costs money, it costs the time of tirelessly searching for the right earring or vase for your home.

There's a hunt to find nirvana and a lot of saying no to items that don't fit the vision.

But daring yourself to and holding for the “i can’t live without it” feeling is magic.

This feels heavy for a lead into my home shopping picks, but this crop is not about consumerism, but creating your own reality.

To create the life you want you have to shed what's not you and fill your world with what is.

I recently moved and have turned a corner into making sure everything chosen in my space is loved and in it's right place. It has been the most beautiful feeling that has made me feel more at home than I ever have.

It's a Marie Kondo type of feeling, and I wouldn't call it minimalism. I want my space to be FULL, intentional, a crazy fantasy.

So I'm sharing what I came across in my journey and hope you find something too:

I've been looking for an oversized wood mirror and this is screaming at me

Ashton Mango Wood Mirror / Urban Outfitters / $199

available in pink and green - thinking of using as an office desk chair

Rosa Velvet Dining Chair / Urban Outfitters / $99


circles are my obsession so that paired with seagrass is bohemian heaven. good reviews as well, fits 3 blankets

Alina Storage Ottoman / Urban Outfitters / $129

the circle mirror is the perfect statement piece and people are raving over this one

Umbra Oversized Hub Mirror / Urban Outfitters / $140

hung up on the idea of having a comfy floor cushion for having people over, and this would fit perfectly under a window when paired with the daybed

Rohini Velvet Daybed Cushion / Urban Outfitters / $149

same concept but THIS PATTERN

Dottie Daisy Daybed Cushion / Urban Outfitters / $159

I feel calmer just looking at this gem - perfect for bathroom storage or as an airy bookshelf

Bamboo Tiered Shelf / Urban Outfitters / $89

I'm fired up by this style of mirror and need it. immediately.

Amabella Arch Mirror / Urban Outfitters / $119

this chair is a work of art

Haylee Mono Rattan Chair / Urban Outfitters / $119

rich looking design that goes with almost every aesthetic

Nora Cantilever Chair / Urban Outfitters / $169

a good neutral paired with earthy fringe look

Modern Berber Rug / Urban Outfitters / $39+

can I picture myself dancing on this? hell yes.

Flo Marks Printed Rug / Urban Outfitters / $39+

rust is having a moment so go with it in this southwestern pattern

Lazro Printed Rug / Urban Outfitters / $19+

soft & romantic, I love this room divider idea

Knotted Window Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $44

I LIVE for this photo, Chinese lanterns are a must in my household

Emma Blackout Fringe Window Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $59

the dreamiest, I would pull the trigger but my bedroom window doesn't flow with this

Joni Net Window Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $59

I have a small hallway into my bedroom so this is going there for drama

Bamboo Beaded Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $39

comes in 7 colors and they are all glorious, rich colors

Crushed Velvet Window Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $49

angelic and parisian feeling

Draped Shade Curtain / Urban Outfitters / $29

rainbow are like, so in right now.

Rainbow Mirror / Urban Outfitters / $49

I love my duvet cover but if you're looking for a colorful one this is so unique

Nylon Satin Quilt / Urban Outfitters / $139

the splurge