playlist: nostalgic sappy creature

I wanted to share some of my most nostalgia-inducing songs of the moment…

a mix of my memories in the late 90’s hanging out in my room

playing on the radio of the bus growing up

staring out the backseat car window on a family road trip

driving through the canyons in LA

the mix starts out with one of my favorite artists at the moment, Mazzy Star. lead singer Hope Sandoval was the perfect 90s grunge poster girl, with a haunting voice and a pure presence - fully in the moment.


I mixed in my favorite song of the moment, Maud Gone, which is the perfect blend of sad / happy / nostalgic / mystic. Then the classic Sex & Candy to give that hazy 90s feel next to my favorite softie anthems from Sixpence None the Richer (my first CD) and Natalie Imbruglia (an emotional rollercoaster). Then the rest is some of my current favorites I play driving around LA.

It’s realll good for a long afternoon drive to nowhere in particular. Enjoy xx