labels we ♡: trois

One label that’s caught my eye recently is Trois. It’s a small LA brand designed after the supermodels and muses of the 90s (as told by one of their employees to me). I noticed it first when Bella Hadid wore the Ruby Top at Coachella one year. Loved the top, but was a lazy Coachella outfit choice IMO.

After that I forgot about them for a bit, they’re barely in any retailers except Revolve and they didn’t pop up in my head much. I caught them at a sale in LA and fell in love with their minimalist, sexy styles. Their price point can be a bit high but some pieces are so good they’re worth the splurge. Or just catch them on sale or in Posh / Ebay when you can.

About the brand:

Trois The Label

She's a world citizen. New York. London. Paris. The city is all she knows. She wakes up in her loft, her workspace, her creative outlet, her sanctuary. She appreciates the small pleasures in life, always taking the time to enjoy her morning cup of coffee whilst she checks her emails and reads the morning headlines. Then she’s gone, she’s got a business to run. She’s the girl on the go—the entrepreneur, a creative leader. She runs around the city, her city. Always effortlessly put together, undone yet organic and refined. Try catching her if you can. Although she loves mornings, she’s always ready for a evening rendezvous with her closest friends but she keeps an intimate circle. Because like everything else, her life and her friendships are curated. She orders a dry martini. Always just one. She’s the epitome of sophistication, never careless. One eye open always. She knows that attention to detail is everything.

Here are my top picks —

feelin like Kate Moss on date night

Hewitt Dress / Trois / $225

wear with boots !!!

Helena Mini Dress / Trois / $75

skimpy skimpy - for a european vacation moment (aix? positano?)

Ruby Top / Trois / $85

I bought an extra sweater in XS - available on my Poshmark or DM me !

Raina Sweater / Trois / $55

if you’re going to splurge on an earth tone jumpsuit hellooo

Douglas Jumpsuit / Trois / $225

the lola dress wants to go to Tulum this year

Lola Dress / Trois / $175

a little brown angel top

Lex Top / Trois / $195

a mary kate goddess dress

Lex Dress / Trois / $350

love a good tan skirt with lace up strings !

Talullah Skirt / Trois / $225