black friday deals

I haven’t stepped foot in a mall in a few years since I’m all about the online sales. Honestly this year I don’t want to look at anything given all the travesties and it feels a bit shallow to write this. But I’ve always felt fashion is an outlet of joy for me and sometimes you really need to a coat or a dress for that wedding you have coming up to offset everything. It gives me life, but within reason. Definitely spend your money on giving back and also take care of yourself. And if you haven’t set up poshmark do it! I rotate my wardrobe by selling there and helps avoid the “i’m sick of everything in here” crisis.

So I’ll go on… I’m all about the small brands this year as I was last year. One, they rarely go on sale and two, they usually have a sale on EVERYTHING so it’s all of the stuff, not just the random stuff. IT’S ALL ON THE TABLE BABY! So that means the piece you’ve been eyeing is up for grabs… and is probably going to sell out. I feel like it’s a bit of a battleground now and it’s Thursday night as I’m writing this so it will only get worse.

I went on Reformation’s site and bought the last size of this cute yellow dress and my other favorites were all long gone by then. So I’d usually say weigh your options, but in this case seriously just get the items ASAP and return em later! I actually do regret missing out from Reformation or other small brands because it can be impossible to find the pieces later.

Anyway, get. on. it.

very Shrimps without the insane price tag

Long Pink Fur Coat / Pixie Market / $189 (+15% off)

if you need one sweater this season I like how this mixes in a little renaissance detail

Brown Square Neckline Sweater / Pixie Market / $79 (+15% off)

very where I’m at right now

Brown Plaid Mini Skirt / Pixie Market / $78 (+15% off)

or do the whole lewk - selling out asap !

Brown Plaid Blazer / Pixie Market / $159 (+15% off)

this is soooo good for fall / winter

Ribbed Mock Neck Maxi Dress / Pixie Market / $89 (+20% off)

one of the most beautiful 70s prints in the iconic iris style

Iris Bells / Pixie Market / $145 (+20% off?)

a good dressed up number for werk

Giovanna Gold Button Dress / Pixie Market / $118 (+15% off)