playlist: linger

This playlist started when I played a random mid 90s song and then the song Vapour Trail by Ride hit me and I got chills. The feeling of growing up and aimlessly hanging out in a friend’s basement or driving through the hills came over me. Just that hopeful for what’s to come feeling. So I stopped and thought I need more than one song of this vibe and went on a roll.

I’m obsessed with this playlist so much right now I had to share, it just feeels right.

The first song is the one that started it all, a real driving and being in love kinda song. Then I found Alison by Slowdive that just blended into that, it reminds me of waking up after camping in a forest. Dreamy for days, a bit of innocent naiveté.

Then Breathe In by Frou Frou, the band before Imogen Heap took off on her solo career. I listened to this song 50x times when I was home in Michigan, it really just felt like a fall day cruising around town.

Yes, hello we're back, and we're taking calls
Now what was the question?

Then comes the sexiest song on the playlist Snot by Alex G, and man Alex G can get it. Whoever he is. Like the whole vibe of this is like a really good date. I can see it now: a playground in NYC on the swings, jumping off and landing together on the ground. Is it 13 going on 30? unclear. But man every time the song comes on ohhh baby I lose it a bit. And the album cover is everything, everything I didn’t know I needed. Alex G fucks.


Then it gets super sentimental with You’re Not the Only One I Know by The Sundays which any song by them is so pure and beautiful. This song is so sweet.


After that is Fingertips by The Brain Jonestown Massacre - one of my all time favorite bands. This song is just mystical, a long winding trip. I love how they have a chaotic dynamic as a live band but they have the capacity for creating these sweet nostalgic tunes. It’s almost too much. This lyric…

Slipping through my fingertips like sand…

I front loaded the playlist with my current favorites but there’s a mix of the Sundays, The Sugarcubes’ infamous Birthday which always brings with it a wild night, and whatever Spotify kept serving to me that seriously blew my mind this past Thursday.