summa summa happened so fast ... it's July already and I'm making the most of it.

if you haven't made a few fashion statements this summer you need to get all over this zara sale. it's BIG. i'd been eyeing a bubblegum pink blazer for a couple of months and finally pulled the trigger on it so I'm over the moon about it.

i always wait for the sale around early July and stock up. it's perfect because you get to try all the fun summer items and grab a few fall staples. i feel like it just started a week and a half ago but it's almost all picked over online. 

so you need to get on that shit. like add to cart and buy immediately.

seriously, one item almost sold out from my cart as i wrote this.

my top picks below -- 

i have these pants in tan and they are the comfiest, chicest pant i own. naturally i neeed

Colored Cropped Pants in Mauve / Zara / $16 (u serious??)

i bought them in black because i saw a similar pair a year ago for $300 V CHIC

Strappy Sandals with Metallic Details in White / Zara / $26

buying this because it's the perfect nod to Gwen Stefani

Check Skirt with Chain / Zara / $19

amazing going out layering piece with 5-10 chain necklaces

Semi-Sheer Bodysuit / Zara / $12

WHAT. IS. THIS. only medium left so i have to tryyy it

Tweed Overalls / Zara / $19

might need for my sexy Rajneeshee Halloween costume

Textured Weave T-Shirt / Zara / $12

love love this wash and the pearls down the side - - one size left!

Z1975 Jeans With Pearl-Bead Trimmed Sides / Zara / $22

if i was on my corporate grind i would be all over this. v transitional for summer-fall

Check Pencil Skirt / Zara / $29

obsessed with a pop of yellow this summer and this pulls together a lewk

Straight Cut Frock Coat  / Zara / $29

for the middle ground between serious biz and punk rock

Check Mini Skirt / Zara / $19

the perfect once a year magical party shoe

Shimmery High Heel Ankle Boots / Zara / $49

been searching for the perfect light wash flare and praying this works out

Super Flare Bleached Jeans / Zara / $45

not 100% sure if this is my vibe but it's here if you need to be a boss bish

Check Blazer / Zara / $30

buying NOWWW these sold out a month ago and just restocked. clear AND classy

Vinyl Strapped Sandals / Zara / $59 (apparently not on sale?)

idk why i have a serious love for bucket hats

Rustic Crochet Hat / Zara / $12