playlist: wow i don't care

This playlist is a mix of 90s grunge + some of my classics I was really feeling over my 9 hour drive through the desert to visit my friend Katie in Reno. It started with Check My Brain and just started freefalling into Bush, The Foo Fighters, and Dishwalla (an instant favorite). Pure fuel for an endless patch of desert driving.

I’ve been curating this playlist for way too long and will keep updating because i think this is where the current consciousness is at but doesn’t quite know how to let it out. I’d recommend playing this on a long drive and just letting it all sink in. Don’t skip any songs, just deal with it as it is.

my favorites:

- pretty babies is just sick all around, it feels like seven 90s songs in one. their whole damn album is great.


- velouria was a recent find that just jumped out at me as i was wandering through spotify recs, it has a hopeful 90s feel and you can’t fuck with the pixies.

- check my brain is the engine of this playlist, and i am riding it right into rock bottom.

Guitarist Jerry Cantrell on the song:

There's a certain aspect of sarcasm, I guess, being a guy from Seattle who lives in L.A., ex-drug addict who lives in the belly of the beast and doesn't partake, and being totally cool with that...It's like being the bad gambler and living in Vegas. It's right there. It's just the irony of that and a little bit of sarcasm. And it's not putting this place down at all. It's just kind of like, 'Wow, you know, check my brain, wow.

- everlong people would probably say is overrated but in my book it’s the perfect mix of s e x y and a romanticized failed relationship. the breathe out part … i mean …


- your love’s whore one day the heavens gave me this song and i couldn’t believe this song came out in 2015. they nailed the atmospheric feeling of 1995 and of course the band is from the uk.

- cherry waves is just fucking beautiful and fucking pisces. it could bring the dead back alive.

- nothin to do, best friend, and it’s a fast driving rave… because i love the dandy warhols, esp their self titled album. damn it i just do. i added it’s a fast driving rave… at the end because it’s 16 minutes that must be enjoyed when you’re absolutely wrecked.